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To register, simply fill out the Application Form below, for the Hockey School that you would like to attend. Then, print out the Form and Fax it to: (248) 841-1979. Once we receive the form in our office we will send you confirmation. At this time, you should send the Hard Copy along with a down payment or full payment to: Christensen Hockey Programs, 845 Stanford Circle, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. Should you have any questions, you can email us at: TLCHockey@comcast.net or call: (888)-971-9596 or (586) 864-8510

Santa Barbara
Goletta, CA, Location
Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA
Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA, Location

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Mar. 30 - Apr. 8

Click Here: Jan Marek World Hockey Invtnl.

April 19 - 28

Click Here: '06 DOB World Tournament

May 9 - 11

Click Here: Motor City Cup  U-20 Jr. Showcase

June 3 - 7

Click Here: West Palm Beach, FL, Hockey School

June 10 - 14

Click Here: Louisville, KY, Hockey School

June 17 - 21

Click Here: Simi Valley, CA, Hockey School

June 24 - 28

Click Here: Santa Barbara, CA, Hockey School

August 5 - 9

Click Here: Lapeer, MI, Hockey School

Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, FL Location
Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY Location

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